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09:44pm 20/11/2006
  weird how livejournal is lost and or forgotten by most.  

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11:36pm 08/05/2006
  i think every six months or so i lose my mind for a while. this seems to be one of those times.

my eyes watered up
but i could not cry
i really tried
but it just felt fake after a while

yep...about every six months or so.

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11:36pm 08/05/2006
  i think every six months or so i lose my mind for a while. this seems to be one of those times.

my eyes watered up
but i could not cry
i really tried
but it just felt fake after while

yep...about every six months or so.

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07:59pm 29/04/2006
  What a Fuckin day.....

i got robbed over the night.

some asshole decided to break into my house and steal 8 measley dollars from my moms purse...and her makeup?
thats it.
but it's the principal of the whole thing.

i'm gonna patrol my `hood and if i see that mothafuckah crusin', he's so fucked.
cops and shit came to my house at 7:30 in the damn morning.



karma..but oh well.

in other news...im moving...see ya

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06:13pm 18/04/2006
  Because youre sweet and lovely girl.....  

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06:12pm 17/04/2006
  When I was a boy!! everything was ri-ight.  

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I went to school with nothing in my pocket...oh my god i hate myself   
12:35am 12/04/2006
mood: Alive
Hey Rockers and ROckettes?

Ya like music?!



if you do in fact, "not like music" well?....youve got a problem there buck-o.

You really, really do.

So i went to disney world once.

it was ok.

i watched a 10 year old boy strip.

he was pretty wasted.

i shouldnt have laced his kool-aid with tequila.

im a bad influence on the kids.

i will name my kid Hanky

and ill call call him hanky panky in a cute baby voice when i talk to him when he is a baby.

awww hanky panky...youre so sweet.

yeah fuckin right

i am going to name my kid satan

or clark

some day

you will all


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04:32pm 21/02/2006
  dear fellow livejournalers......eh hem....

i am lookin for a windows2000(millenium) or around that time...boot up disk..
ya know
the one that has windows on it.
im trying to reformat my computer so i can just use it for recording...so just give me a calll at 253-2881 or just leave me a message....i could return it promptly...just needed for a one time use...so please...for the sake of rock n roll....someone!please!!!

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01:55am 08/02/2006
  God damn.  

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02:36am 05/01/2006
  bye bye mears we will miss your brutal honesty.
brutal,......brutal honesty.
tell dem shaumburg assholes im coming for them
and my dick is already covered in shit.
yeah i said it.

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02:09am 02/01/2006
  oh how the women,they drive me insane
ive only got one reason to say
i love you
and all things in between.

even though youve treat me so mean
so unkind
nothing left to say
no no no
there is nothing left to say

i will see you later

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04:32pm 17/12/2005
  Sodomy brigade ruled the show like a motherfucker.

we are like damn.....

four o clocks were eh...

but i couldnt beleive the response for sodomy brigade.

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Rock N Roll Hoochie Koo   
03:23pm 14/12/2005

Friday December 16th

East Peoria Legion Hall

7:00 on the dot.

or around that time


sodomy brigade

the four o clocks

the cheese  tradition


the crash harder

not necessarily in that order.

but be there!!!

itll be rock n motha fuckin rolL!


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11:09am 07/12/2005
  no offense to anyone,

im just glad to see im not the only one going crazy.

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03:24am 30/11/2005


December 16th, 2005 East Peoria Legion Hall

Sodomy Brigade                      The Four O Clocks

Lucigen                                     The Crash Harder


Be there


with sugar on top?


oh you want some cherries do ya?


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So the final word is in.   
10:32pm 09/11/2005



Friday december 16th 2000 and five

Sodomy Brigade

olivia wayne newtown john wayne newton john wayne gacey newty newton


The Four o Clocks




7:00 e.p. legion hall off 1-74

make that 7ish


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Im Back   
04:28pm 03/11/2005
  Hey Now come to this.

November 25th 2005
sodomy brigade
ovilia newton john wayne
the four o clocks
+1 TBA (maybe)

starts round 7

ya know

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02:28pm 31/10/2005
  ma ma ma man!
life is too insane.

sodomy brigade i would enjoy.

i would enjoy if we played a show.
damn you lucigen!

oh well

oh yes


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03:20pm 18/10/2005
  before you lock my love away.would you please let me testify.  

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02:09am 05/10/2005
  I did it!i conquerd my fear of playing and singing in front of people....it was quite interesting.
ill be back for a triumphant return...

man that was awesome to do.

i cant wait to do it again.


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